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Book „Safe and Vault Manual, Volume II“, Ed Willis, English


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The format of this volume is the same as Volume 1 with a few changes. Due to the nature of high security safes, several full size drawings of a single container, each illustrating a part of the door, plus a reduced size drawing showing the relationship of the parts are provided. Side or top (elevation) views showing the depth of the lock cases, bolts and relock devices are emphasized.

Volume 2 includes 128 drawings (40 locks - 31 key locks & 9 combination locks). Information on operation, changing combination or keys is included where appropriate. Also included are 15 full size door drawings on 11"x17" fold-out pages.

Brands Included:
• Bernadini      • Bischoff      • Chubb      • Fichet      • I.S.M.           • Mauer        • Tann


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